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The Marica De Vincenzi Foundation ONLUS was established in December 2006 and eventually recognized as onlus a non profit, socially useful organization.

Marica De Vincenzi (Genova, October 18, 1956 — January 20, 2006) was a brilliant psycholinguist. After her degree in Psychology at the University of Padova she received her Ph.D in Psycholinguistics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She held positions at the Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and the University of Chieti, where she was Professor of Psychology until her death. She authored numerous publications in experimental psycholinguistics.

At the onset of her illness in 2004 Marica established a fund for a Foundation aimed at promoting the scientific investigation of the mental mechanisms involved in the comprehension, production, and acquisition of language, stressing the social relevance of such research. Hence, the Foundation's focus is on the relationship between brain and language in normal language processing and in acquired and developmental disorders of language.


The scientific research, which is of specific social interest, is carried out in two ways: directly, by the members of the Foundation, mainly to develop theoretical and interpretative accounts of normal and pathological language processing; indirectly, through cooperation and agreements with universities and research centres, for projects requiring specific lab equipment.

In order to guarantee high scientific standards, every three years the Foundation appoints an international Scientific Committee. In addition, it provides research grants to support Italian junior researchers to carry out research on language in highly qualified foreign research centres. The research grants of the Foundation, will allow junior researchers to pursue projects in the area of interest of the Foundation, thus enabling the grant holder to eventually contribute directly to the research and training activity of the Foundation.

The Foundation will organize for its members autonomously, or in cooperation with universities and research centres, workshops on normal and pathological processing of language with the aim of increasing the efficacy of rehabilitation and re-education programs for language disturbances.




Board of Directors:

Scientific Commettee:

   Remo Job (president)    Lyn Frazier (president)
  (University of Massachussetts)

  Maria Luisa Boero (vice-president)   Maria Teresa Guasti (vice-president)
  (Università Milano Bicocca)

  Giulia Barrera (secretary)   Janet Fodor (member)

  Delia Cardia (member)   Edith Kaan (member)
  (University of Florida)

   Maria Teresa Guasti (member)   Colin Phillipps (member)
  (University of Maryland)

  Stefano Mastrandrea (treasurer)   Luigi Rizzi (member)
  (Università di Siena)

     Francesco Vespignani (membro)
  (University of Trento)

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